About Us

Priority Wellness is a multi-service organization that focuses on the holistic health and wellness of individuals and their families who are victims of injury, trauma and the resulting economic hardship, alienation and marginalization as a result of insurance claims being denied. Focusing on comprehensive services that connect the mind, body and soul Priority Wellness offers programming that supports individual and family health related to emotional, physical, spiritual, social and psychological wellbeing. Reintegrating individuals into the workplace with dignity through rehabilitation, mentorship, education, and assistive devices is integral in ensuring wellness for all Canadians. Both individual and group needs are addressed in a safe, secure, and welcoming environment.

Priority Wellness is committed to serving marginalized individuals who are unable to obtain insurance due to financial hardship understanding that having insurance is a preventative measure and keeps the community safe.

Priority Wellness Priorities

  • To provide reflective services and programs that focus on recovery, health and rejuvenation for individuals denied coverage by insurance companies.
  • To provide low cost extended health insurance to individuals facing financial hardship.
  • To provide assistive devices inclusive of training, maintenance and education for individuals requiring support as a result of injury and trauma.
  • To provide support services focusing on workplace reintegration for injured victims.
  • To provide mentorship, educational and therapeutic programs for all individuals and their families who identify as victims of injury, and trauma.
  • To facilitate access to extended health benefits such as allied health supports (chiropractors, physiotherapists, naturopaths, psychologists, counsellors, social workers, and Chinese medicine) and pharma care support.
  • To provide psycho-social supports to impacted individuals and families.